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York University Welcomes and Supports Dreamers

York University

Over the past few months, you would’ve heard Trump talk about DACA and Dreamers. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a policy started by former US President Barack Obama that granted citizenship to minor children of illegal immigrants. It was started in 2012, but when Trump took office in 2017, things started going to downhill.

People often forget that there are entirely a lot of these Dreamers in Canada too. Most of them have come after staying in the US for a while. They live in Canada as illegal immigrants with absolutely no future. Since they have an unclear immigrant status, they can’t go to universities or colleges. However, all thanks to York University, Ontario, at least 10 Dreamers will get to study every year at the university. Two of these are Rosa and Dwayne (name changed). Before Obama announced his DACA policy, illegal immigrants were being deported. Fearing their deportation, Rosa’s family fled to Toronto in the year 2012.

A year later, Dwayne entered Canada along with his mother from a refugee camp in Namibia. He had an abusive father who always hit his mother. They fled their home, went to Namibia, but he found them there. Then his mother and Dwayne took the bold decision of going to Canada, where they are safe. For almost a month, they lived in a shelter and then decided to stay in a motel on Kingston Road. Most of the residents are Africans in the motel, so they feel like at home.

Becoming a public servant

Dwayne is taking classes in public studies. As a young child, he never thought he’d do that. But after how cruel life has been until now, he feels public service is the best career option. The career is not only about making yourself better but also everyone around as well.

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