VFS Global Association with Croatia and Lithuania

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Many countries from across the globe have partnered with VFS Global to open visa processing centers to extend visa operations or start catering to more countries. It has long-standing deals with many European Union countries. Croatia and Lithuania have for long partnered with VFS Global to open visa application centers in a list of countries and has decided to extend their contract with the outsourcing company.

As per the renewed contract, VFS Global will work in 27 countries for Croatia and in nine countries for Lithuania. The agreement is five years along with Croatia and some countries where it will provide services include Egypt, India, South Africa, Belarus, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Lithuania renewed the contract only for a year in the nine countries including China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. The newest country added to the list is Kosovo. VFS Global will open the visa application center in Pristina. Chris Dix, head of business development, VFS Global, said that the relationship between the countries and VFS Global had grown tremendously over the past few years.

The company started working with Croatia and Lithuania in 2013 and is delighted that they are given this tremendous opportunity. It shows that the two governments believe in them and that have extended the visa contracts. Apart from strengthening their faith in the global company, it also strengthens VFS Global’s position in the European Union.

Eventful year

According to Chris Dix, 2017 was a monumental year in VFS Global’s timeline as the company got seven new clients. These countries are Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, Slovakia, Nigeria, Georgia, Cote d’Ivoire, and Bahrain. The global company currently works with 58 countries across the globe and provides services including consular services, permit, visa, passport services, and other visa related services. It also the leading outsourcing visa company in the world.

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