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UK Home office Wrongly Accuses Asian Immigrant

UK Home office Wrongly Accuses Asian Immigrant

29-years old Zixuan Qu was suddenly woken up from her sleep when a team of six immigration officers visited her home, which she shares with her fiance, at 5.30 am in the morning. The interview went on for half an hour during which the officers told that her application for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom was denied because she was an immigration offender. 30 minutes into the interview, the officers realized they’d come to the wrong location and left, leaving Qu in tears and her fiance furious.

The UK Home Office has her passport because of which she can’t get married as you need the passport for registering your marriage. They have her passport for the last four years when she applied for an IDR, and because of it, she hasn’t been able to visit her grandparents in China who raised her. She came to the United Kingdom in 2011 as an international student. Her story became viral after Guardian published it and UK Home Office decided to reverse their decision and grant her indefinite leave to remain.

Her fiance, Duncan Watkinson, 37, said that he was an utter relief when Qu told her application was finally approved. However, he had happy, sad emotions because many couples like them are still stuck in the process. He wants to think that UK Home Office approved her application without watching the heartbreaking video she uploaded on social media.

Qu’s reaction

After hearing the good news, the first thing Qu did was call her grandparents to tell them that she’ll catch the very next plane to visit them. Unfortunately, Qu didn’t receive any apology letter from the home office took away her passport, and she wasn’t allowed to study or work for the past four years. Watkinson said these hostile immigration policies don’t consider people’s feelings and it indicates that the entire system is broken.

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