5 Differences between UK and US Student Life

UK and US Student Life

The United Kingdom and the United States of America are both highly regarded for their world class education and universities. Students all around the world dream of getting enrolled into universities of these countries. Even though the quality of education is at par, there are some differences between the student life you experience in the UK and in the US.

Here we highlight some differences in the student life in both nations:

Style of teaching

In the US, research is optional and your professors guide you through every step of your course. It is more student-oriented. In the UK, professors are always there whenever you need but you have to do your own research. At master’s level, the semester 2 is completely focused on research.

Duration of the course

Bachelor’s is four years long and masters are two years long in the US but in the UK, a bachelor’s degree lasts for three years (only a handful courses go on till four years) and master’s degree is of a year or 1 ½ years long.


In the US you can do your Ph.D. after completing bachelor’s but in the UK you have to compulsorily first do your master’s to be able to go ahead with a Ph.D.

Grading system

The US has a very simple grading system – A, B, C, D, E and F. Grading system is very complicated or difficult to understand in the UK. 2:1 means 60-70 percent, 2:2 means 50-59 percent and distinction means more than 70 percent.


The UK has a better work-life balance than the US. Luckily, US have a post-study work visa, using which students can work for two years after post graduation. The UK doesn’t have that and needs to find an employer to sponsor your visa.

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