Top Demonetization Questions Being Asked at Job Interviews

  1. The recent demonetization in India has become a hot topic.
  2. Questions about the topic are being asked at job interviews.
  3. Get to know the Important Questions in order to crack the Interview.
Top Demonetization Questions Being Asked at Job Interviews

One of the hottest topics that trended in India last year was Demonetization.

On 8th November 2016, Prime Minister Modi made the bold decision of banning the 500 and 1000 rupee notes as legal tender in an claimed attempt to extirpate black money and terror funding.

Due to a lack of caution, his decision struck the masses stronger than a lightning bolt, throwing the entire country into a state of frenzy. People have voiced their opinions both in favor and against this move.

Demonetization, a current hot potato, has now become an imperative topic of discussion in every job interview in India. Here are 11 most commonly asked questions related to demonetization that would help you prepare for your next interview.

Top Demonetization Interview Questions

1. How much was the total cash in circulation in India before demonetization? (Applicable more in financial jobs)

2. What does demonetization essentially mean? Use a few examples to explain it.

3. Is demonetization the only solution to cleanse the Indian economy?
(Give examples to illustrate your methods)

4. Describe the ordeal faced by common people as a consequence of this move.

5. What is your perspective on the recent surgical strike of demonetization conducted by our Prime Minister?

6. How do you think this move of demonetization has affected the real estate market?

7. What are the expected economic gains as a result of demonetization in future?

8. How long do you think it would take for India to be a completely digital economy? Elaborate on this.

9. What percentage of currency in India were detected as counterfeit currency at the end of 2016?

10. Name a few other countries who demonetized their currency in the past.

11. What was the reason behind the secrecy of this move?

Once you are able to answer all the questions above correctly, you’ll surely nail the interview! However, I would still advise you to read more articles and facts about demonetization so that you don’t leave any stone unturned. Good luck!

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