Top 4 Oldest Universities of the World


Education has always had the highest respect in societies all around the globe. Ancient universities are a reflection of how the world was earlier and how much it has changed over the decades. Studying at such universities is a very prestigious occasion and if you are studying at one of these, consider yourself the luckiest. They are a combination of a rich history, architecture, and the modern world.

Here are four oldest universities in the world:

1. University of Bologna

This university was founded in 1088, making it the oldest university in the world. Located in Italy, the University of Bologna has over 84,000 students. Until a few years, the university only taught doctorate courses, but now has opened its doors for bachelor’s and master’s courses as well.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford took more than a few decades to build, as it was established between 1096-1167. It has the most glittering alumni in the whole world. The university is the alma mater of 27 prime ministers, 12 saints, 47 Nobel Prize winners, 20 Archbishops of Canterbury, and renowned scientist, Sir Stephen Hawking. It currently ranks sixth in world’s rankings.

3. University of Salamanca

This Spanish university was founded in 1134. However, this isn’t Spain oldest university, but the former university is now defunct. The University of Salamanca is that university which Christopher Columbus took support from to cover his Indies expedition. However, the university has lost its ancient charm and currently ranked between 601-650 in the world.

4. University of Paris

The University of Paris also took a long time to build between 1160 and 1250. All the university’s functions were stopped during the French Revolution. Today, the university is split into 13 autonomous institutions all around the French capital. The main university is called ‘la Sorbonne’. All institutions rank in top 300 of the world.

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