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The Ultimate Studying Abroad Packing List

The Ultimate Studying Abroad Packing List

It is almost time for you to start packing your bag for the September 2018 intake. As time passes, you’ll realize packing bags is more difficult than getting into your dream university. You have to fit your entire life in a tiny bag, so make sure you make a checklist before starting with packing.

We’ve created a checklist for you to take off some pressure so that you start with the packing directly:

1. Carry-on bag

Things that should be in your carry-on bag are phone and charger, boarding pass, cash (currency of the country you are going to), debit and credit cards, copy of your birth certificate, passport, hand sanitizer, gum, face wipes, sanitary pads, prescription medication, travel pillow, laptop, a couple books to read, makeup, health and travel insurance card, student visa, and copy of acceptance letter from the college or university. All other documents like mark sheet, passing certificate go in your main bag.

2. Toiletries and supplies

Neatly put toiletries and supplies in separate plastic bags so they don’t open during travel and ruin all your clothes. Buy everything in small sizes because it needs to last only for a few days and once you are all settled you can buy the big bottles in the foreign country. Some things that you need to buy are mouthwash, sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, bobby pins, safety pins, hairbrush, roll-on deodorant, and headbands.

3. Clothes

Don’t carry a lot of clothes from your home country. Instead, save all that money and buy clothes in the foreign country because they will be more suitable to its weather. Pack a pair of athletic sneakers, two pairs of boots, five going-out outfits, three pairs of jeans, 10 t-shirts, one pair of the pantsuit, one raincoat and umbrella, a couple of hats and extra sunglasses, and five pairs of comfy clothes, and two pairs of workout clothes.

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