Privacy Policy

Closedpage strives to afford a safe and secure user experience, we are devoted to protect our user’s privacy.

Our privacy policy is designed to make sure that we clearly communicate to you how we collect, use and process your peronal information. Please check the terms of use and privacy policy on regular basis to ensure that you are aware of all terms and policies governing your use of the site.

How Closedpage Collects your Information

Closedpage is an information hub, it helps to job seekers to find the best job and company based on the reviews posted by present or past employees of companies that include information such as salary related information, company details, work experience details, individual’s name, employee or employer name, email address, contact details, opinion of employee on his present or previous employer.

Closedpage collects information from user when the user performs following activities:

  • Registering account as user or employee or emloyer or member
  • Posts a review on our page
  • Creates company or individual profile
  • Posts a comment on any page or review on the Closedpage
  • Contacts the Closedpage team for any support or help
  • Visits/uses our website
  • Signing up for email alerts for job ads or any other services
  • Uploading candidate profile

The information collected by us may vary depending on how you use or interact with the Closedpage website. As a matter of fact, the information collected by us solely depends on the information provided by you for utilization of our website services. You should only provide us the information that you agree to share the same in accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy.

We collect your personal information as per requirement to comply with legal or contractual obligations, if any. As it is mandatory to collect personal information to use in such scenario, so, we will not be able to provide our services unless you provide such required personal information.

Collecting Information from other Resources

Closedpage collects information from other automated means such as on website visits, that include and not limited to which sections or pages of the website are visited, a number of visits to the particular section, the period of time spent on a particular section. The data is anonymous and is not used to identify any individual information. The information thus colleted is used or shared with partners or customers to improve and enhance the performance of the website and their activities as well.

The IP address of the user will be recorded by web servers in order to help our team in resolving website issues and other technical problems, if any. This is an aggregated data, so, it cannot be traced to an individual user. If you respond or interact or submit any information to the third party by clicking on ads or other means through Closedpage website, then the same can be collected by Closedpage depending on privacy policies with thrid parties.

If you login or sing up into our website using your social network accounts such as Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn, then the basic details such as name, email address, contact details, etc. will be received from your social network accounts. But, the information collected may depend on your social network account privacy settings.

Closedpage uses personal information for limited purposes

Primary intention for the collection of personal information is to provide better access to the Closedpage site and enhance user experience. The collected personal information can be used for limited purposes that include:

  • Verify your identity
  • To control your access and usage
  • To update the new additions or modifications to the site
  • For providing information of job seekers to employers
  • Add, remove, customize, develop and improve features or services and support of our site
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • For communication purpose with users
  • To provide appropriate information, updates and send alerts to the subscribed users

Sharing Information with third parties

We do not share your personal account information or usage data with third parties, except as follows:

  • With your permission;
  • We use or share aggregated user information with our partners to enhance our services and website performance, which cannot be used to trace you individually.
  • If you apply or respond to job ads or postings through Closedpage, then we disclose your personal information to the company to which you applied.
  • If you submit your resume and other profile information, then we may share the same with employers, recruiters associated with us depending on the visibility settings chosen by you.
  • We may share certain information regarding your usages such as job titles entered or searched by you, skills listed by you, etc. with advertisers, recruiters, employers and partners affiliated with us, without including any personal information such as name or email address, etc.

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