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Pakistani Hindus Get Visa for Amritsar Only


Wanting to visit their birth land, a group of Hindus from Pakistan applied for the Indian visa to visit half a dozen places including Amritsar, Mumbai, Haridwar, and Delhi. But the Indian High Commission in Pakistan only issued them visas for visiting Amritsar.

Distraught, Sanjesh Dhanja from Karachi, took the lead and wrote a letter to Sushma Swaraj, Indian External Affairs Minister, regarding it. Sanjesh Dhanja is president of the Pakistan Hindu Sewa Welfare Trust. There are around 200 Hindus, and we’re going to travel in a big group. They all are now confused whether they should come or not because they can visit only one city. The Indian High Commission issued five-day visas to 150 people and 15-day visas to 50 people. Around 30 pilgrims want to visit Haridwar to perform last rites of their dead beloved in the River Ganges.

Dhanja said that they are very disappointed and seek help from the Indian government. In the letter sent to Swaraj, Dhanja has written that Golden Temple is part of the Sikh Dharma Yatra. Hindus consider Haridwar as their holy place and would like to visit it for performing the Ganga Mata pooja. If not everyone, then at least the ones who have to perform last rites should be allowed to visit Haridwar. They also want to visit Vrindavan and Mathura.

Thanking her

In the end of the letter, Dhanja thanked Sushma Swaraj for always being kind to Pakistani Hindus. She has always come forward as a savior even in the most challenging situations of all. Most recently, she helped a married woman get an emergency visa to visit her hospitalized husband in the UAE. A while ago, she quickly processed the visa for a 10-years old boy who was scheduled to get eye transplant in New Delhi and another Pakistani woman whose father was hospitalized in Delhi. She wanted to see him for one last time because his condition was worsening.

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