Overview of Canadian Quebec Immigration System

Quebec Immigration System

Canada being a hub of rising opportunities is increasingly becoming the world’s favorite migrating location. Thus, its immigration process too has a lot of options to choose from. Some of the major immigration systems consist of the PNP program, family sponsorship program, student programs, and Quebec immigration programs.

Here is an insight into the Quebec immigration program.

What is the Quebec immigration system?

Perhaps Quebec is the only province that aids in such a sturdy provincial division. Divided into three major programs, an applicant can choose from QSW, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, PEQ Quebec Experience Class, and Quebec Business Immigration.

  •    The QSW acts on a first-come-first-serve basis. Here you do not need to compete with other applicants. If you meet up the basic requirements and still open with the quota, then you are eligible enough.
  •    The PEQ requires a mandatory prerequisite of well-versed French knowers. It is an advanced program for aspirants who have experience in Quebec as a student or temporary worker.
  •    The Quebec Business Immigration is engineered for individuals operating in business and possess considerable funds to invest in Quebec.

How does it work?

All the Quebec immigration programs integrate a two-step process.

  •    As an applicant, you need to first apply in any of the streams of your choice.
  •    On the successful acceptance, you would be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate acknowledging that the government has accepted your application.
  •    Finally, you are to submit your proposal for an application to the federal government for perusal.

Do remember that the Quebec immigration program is a lot different to the other Canadian immigration programs out there – and you need to note your eligibility first. For instance, you can apply to Express Entry immigration program without a job – but that isn’t going to work with the Quebec immigration program.

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