Opportunities for Chemistry Graduates in Abroad

Chemistry Graduates

Getting a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is a brave task. You have to deal with so many symbols, equations, and on top of that organic chemistry. Well, all that is good because chemistry graduates get very high-paying jobs and with a little bit of experience they can climb up management levels at work easily. If you are a chemistry graduate or planning to study chemistry, you should know what lies on the other side.

Here are three ideal jobs for chemistry graduates:

1. Flavor Chemist

The flavor industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. As a flavor chemist, you have to create or mimic flavors. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is enough to start your career as a flavor chemist. However, you need to have a good knowledge of aromas, flavors, and different scents. Then you have to create new flavors and make people fall in love with them. Starting salary for a flavor chemist is $77,000 annually.

2. Clinical Research Associate

A clinical research associate earns around $50,000 salary as a starter. It is a very serious job and involves activities like conducting clinical trials and medical research. Most of the time you need to work in a laboratory. To become a clinical research associate, you will need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a diploma in clinical research. You should be genuinely interested in serving the health field.

3. Chemistry Professor

There is nothing better than becoming a professor. You get to enjoy the holidays every student gets and also be in college forever. A bachelor’s degree isn’t enough to become a chemistry professor. You need to take a master’s degree and Ph.D. or do give an exam that lets you teach. On an average, a chemistry professor earns $81,460 annually.

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