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Never Ending Queues At Delhi Airport, Government Doesn’t Care

  1. Immigration Hall at the Delhi intl airport extremely crowded
  2. Ministries in India at warhead rather than finding a solution
  3. Govt of India ignoring the issue
Never Ending Queues At Delhi Airport, Government Doesn’t Care

A man was flying out of India from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Parminder Singh, the man, uploaded a photo on Twitter of the crowd that he found in the immigration hall. He hoped that his tweet gets recognized by the government who then take action to solve the issue. He didn’t write much in the tweet. Parminder just wrote – the world’s second best. This long queue was at Delhi’s Terminal 3.

Even though the government didn’t quite noticed the tweet, there were many other who did. It started a thread of discussion which ended in a troubled conclusion. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, said that the tourism boom will be undermined by visitors. It will be their first and last good memories of India. He also said that the immigration process should be dramatically reduced in India if you want more people to visit the country.

The central government definitely knows that something is wrong, but is clearly ignoring it. International airports are handled by two ministries – the Civil Aviation Ministry and the Home Ministry. Rather than solving the immigration queue issue, both the ministries are at warhead with each other.

Source: HOK

Fighting about the problem’s cause

The home ministry looks after the airport’s security. The civil aviation ministry looks after the appearance and other specifications of the airport. There are around 75 countries in the immigration department of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Union Home Ministry wants to open more counters so that the process is faster. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry argues that the all the counters aren’t occupied. So it will hire more people, to fill the counters and fasten the process. You can know more about the news on

The civil aviation ministry also feels that the staff isn’t trained enough to take the increased load of queues. Both the ministries should work as a team to solve the issue.

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