Kosovo Wants Visa Liberation from European Union


For a country to make European Union sign a visa liberation agreement, they need to fulfill 74 conditions put forth by the Commission. Being able to travel to Schengen Europe is nothing less than a proud moment for any country and Kosovo is ready to do anything for it. The country recently gave green signal to a border demarcation deal with Montenegro.

Kosovo lawmakers voted 80 – 11, and therefore the deal was signed despite the meeting being disturbed by tear gas attacks in the parliament. The government of Kosovo has been trying to come to a conclusion regarding the agreement for several years now but previous sessions held for it was always disrupted. Federica Mogherini, European Union representative for foreign affairs, said that passing the agreement represents true achievement and strengthens the spirit of good neighborly relations. The agreement was a very important step for Kosovo to move toward European Union visa liberalization and definitely going to benefit its citizens.

Hashim Thaci, president of Kosovo, said that the ball is now in European Union’s ground and looking forward to putting an end to years of isolation. Ramush Haradinaj, prime minister of Kosovo, commented on the tear gas attacks conducted by the opposition party, Vetevendosje. He said that conducting tear gas attack doesn’t threaten Kosovo’s territory. Before becoming the prime minister in 2017, Haradinaj was against the agreement with Montenegro too but seems like he had a change of heart a year later.

Home to 1.8 million people

Kosovo is the home to 1.8 million, most of whom are Albanians. The European country gained freedom from Serbia in 2008 and went through a terrible war in 1998-1999. If Kosovo gets visa-free entry to European Union, some fear that asylum seekers and economic immigrants entering Schengen area will increase too. However, it also means the more significant amount of trade between the two regions.

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