Foreign Entrepreneurs Extremely Unhappy with UK Visa Process

UK Visa Process

The United Kingdom is putting its future at risk by keeping away foreign entrepreneurs because of its slow and lax visa processing. The UK Parliament has been intimidated that if they want to keep up with the pace at which countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United States are moving, they need to reform their visa system so that more foreign entrepreneurs feel welcomed in the country.

Catherine McGuinness, City of London Corporation, said that entrepreneurs are becoming extremely concerned and aren’t coming to Great Britain as they are facing a lot of trouble when they apply for visas. She said that they are ringing home and saying that they thought it was fabulous to come to London but getting a visa is very hectic. Recently, the British Home Office came under serious scrutiny for badly treating generation of Windrush from the Caribbean, who were told they’ll be given British citizenship, but instead their applications and paperwork was damaged and were threatened of deportation. Fairbairn said that it is crucial for the UK economy that the government takes off the 100,000 per year net migration cap.

It is creating all sorts of distortions and keeping talented people away from the United Kingdom. Engineers can no more come to the country. There is a sharp decrease in EU nurses applying for the tier 2 visa. There is madness in Great Britain, and therefore, the concept of moving away from net migration cap is essential.

Low migration figures

According to National Statistics Office, 244,000 immigrants came to the United Kingdom in 2017, 273,000 in 2016, and 322,000 people in 2015. Out of the latest total, 90,000 represented the European Union, while the remaining 205,000 were non-EU citizens. Around 52,000 British people left the country in 2017. The United Kingdom should encourage immigrants to settle in Scotland, which is going through an employee shortage.

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