Estonia Plans to Launch 365-day Visa


Do you want to travel but have financial security through a stable job? Well, then you’d be interested in knowing what Estonia has in store for you. The European country which is famous for its e-Residency program, which allows international entrepreneurs to access Estonian resources and start a business within the European Union, has a new visa that lets you work, travel, and stay in the country for 365 days.

It also means you can travel for 90 days in the European Union since Estonia is a member of it. You get to travel to 26 countries during the 365-day period. Estonia has created the new visa with a company called Jobbatical, that helps people find jobs from around the world. According to the study done by Jobbatical, digital nomads or as we commonly call them freelancers, think the visa is the biggest issue that stops them from moving countries. Four out of five freelancers say that they would like to work in a new country every year. The Estonian government still hasn’t finalized the definition of a digital nomad, and its requirements as the visa are still in its preparatory stage.

Thankfully, the government is sure how they exactly want the 365-day visa to be like, which includes making the visa for location-independent mobile workers and that it is a travel and work visa.

Live the digital nomad life

Thanks to freelancing, co-shared workplaces, and online work, digital nomads are on the rise. In the US, around 34 percent workers are digital nomads and are set to touch 40 percent by 2020. It is a popular trend among millennials because they are obsessed with traveling and finding new places, that freelancing is their way to do that. And why not, you get paid really well and can work according to your schedule.

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