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Council Agreed to Resettle and Rehabilitate in the UK

Resettle and Rehabilitate in the UK

Following the integration of more than 40 Syrians into East Cheshire, the council hopes to resettle more asylum seekers into South Cheshire this time. As part of the asylum seekers dispersal program, which places different people in different parts of the country, the council has agreed to take in more people in need of rehabilitation and to resettle. The people in charge of the program feel that the immigrants have taken to it well, the first of them slowly finding their feet and even looking for jobs to contribute to the economy. The idea of splitting them up and placing them across the borough is to help them integrate into the local community better.

The council has resettled five families till date, including ten adults, 17 children, and 17 unaccompanied youth. The families are adjusted very nicely, with the local community being welcoming and supportive, and the Syrians being forthcoming and eager to stand on their own two feet. Issues regarding health, education, housing, and benefits have also been sorted out, according to a council member. The preparation work was huge, especially when we look at how committed and earnest the council staff, partner agencies and locals were.

The success of this rehabilitation has encouraged the council to try to resettle more immigrants, to help people from a war-torn country like Syria. The challenges faced this time around were a learning experience for the council, and they mean to use the scheme whenever they plan to help people who wish for asylum in the UK, in the future. They have now targeted Crewe as a primary location for the continuation of rehabilitation work because they feel the place has great potential due to its diverse community and culture. The council hopes to dedicate up to 20 properties to the program over a span of three years.

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