Cookie Policy

Closedpage cookie policy explains why, how and what types of cookies we (Closedpage) use.

Primarily, we would like to let you know that the small pieces of data which are stored on your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or any other electronic gadget’s browser (on which you use the internet) whenever you visit a web page for the first time are termed as cookies. Cookies are commonly used to recognize, understand and enhance the user experience.

Our Use of Cookies

The cookies are stored whenever you visit for the first time, these cookies are used to automatically collect the information on your visit to our site. The cookies are used to identify your computer, website traffic, time spent on our page, time spent on particular sections or areas, your interest in ads, etc. This allows us to understand your experience, your expectations, your interests such that our team will ensure to provide what you desire.

Types of Cookies We Use

Closedpage typically uses two types of cookies such as session and persistent cookies. Temporary cookies used to provide better performance are termed as session cookies which will remain active until you end a particular session. Persistent cookies are used to identify your usage of Closedpage so as to provide enhanced services to you, these cookies will remain active for a longer period based on your browser settings.

Why Closedpage uses Cookies?

Closedpage uses cookies to identify you and your use of Closedpage that include browser used, type of jobs you search, type of data or information or ads you are interested based on usage, time and date on which you visited our page.

  • We use cookies for authentication and to ensure a user is signed in into his Closedpage account even if the user browses other websites simultaneously.
  • We use cookies to prevent unauthorized access, secure your data, prevent fraud and to provide support.
  • Closedpage uses cookies to provide personalized information for each user based on his activities on the site.
  • Cookies are used for evaluating, improving and delivering relevant advertisements by us and our partners.
  • Closedpage technical support team uses cookies to analyze user’s experience, number of visits to the site, site performance, identify issues and fix errors.
  • Some cookies are used irrespective of your active presence on Closedpage session (on and off site) to help our partners or third parties to deliver some relevant advertisements to the users by using cookies, IP address and based on location, profile information, Closedpage usage history of the user such as types of jobs searched, job titles, workplace details, etc.

In general, maximum types of browsers can automatically allow the cookies to be saved. Though, we don’t recommend (ensuring better user experience) you can disable or delete some cookies using your browser settings which may cause issues with website performance, security, privacy and control of user data. Hence, it is recommended not to disable cookies to help us to provide better services. Be aware that advertisers or third parties on Closedpage are also able to set and use their own cookies to enhance their activities.

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