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Add your valuable review to help job seekers in choosing a right company in right time for their future endeavor. We want to hear from employees about their present and previous employers such that to help others in making career decisions.

Please follow our reviews policy to post your review, considered to make sure all reviews published are helpful to others and kindly note that we do not post any of the following:

• Profanity
• Aggressive language
• Confidential matters
• Advertisements or Solicitations or any external links
• Offensive reviews

Reviews Policy strives to be most helpful, appropriate and apparent place for candidates to search for jobs and companies reviews. We follow a few simple guidelines to make sure the most valuable, trusted and transparent information is presented to the job seekers and employees while balancing fairness to the employers.

Original Review
Ensure that your review is true and constitutes your personal opinion based on your experience with present or previous employer.

Avoid Multiple Reviews
We request you to post only one review for each category (company, salary, interview, benefits, job description) per year/employer. Also, make sure your review is regarding recent work experience (last five years) such that it is helpful to today’s job seeker.

Balanced Review
We advise you to think about your work experience in various perspectives and post both pros and cons.

Avoid Personal Information
We recommend not to include individuals name of the company in your review except a few higher authorities who are represented as the public face of the company and can be revealing to job candidates as per company’s policy (Director, President, Founder, etc.).

Professional Language
We strongly recommend not to include individuals name even in the negative reviews. We believe in emotions, but we don’t accept reviews with profanity, aggressive language, confidential matters, any personal information and trade secrets.
As far as the review is used to describe work experience we do allow to post a review that includes gender, religion, nationality, etc.

Stay Focussed
We reject reviews with advertisements or external links along with irrelevant comments which are not helpful to the community. Please keep focus on your review and avoid distracting content. We recommend original reviews that will help the entire community, even though your writing need not be perfect.

Report Abuse
Please let us know if you find any post as abusing or inappropriate content. We review all comments and remove inappropriate content, if any. If you think your review has been removed or not approved by mistake, then let us know.
For more queries regarding commenting on, please contact us.

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