Canada’s Budget focus on Economic Growt

Canadas Budget

Canada’s Budget 2018 is primarily aimed at strengthening its middle class by inducing economic growth, creating jobs, and making them confident. The government simply wants to ensure that the middle class gets equal and fair opportunity to contribute as well as benefit from the growing opportunity.

Budget 2018 is what will help strengthen the middle class. Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, has sent his cabinet ministers from all provinces and territories to talk about the budget so that they know it better. Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard visited Nova Scotia to do the same and explained people about the Canada Workers Benefit, formerly known as Working Income Tax Benefit. The Canada Workers Benefit is aimed at letting low wage Canadian workers keep more of their paycheck at the same time encouraging more people to join the workforce. Canada is sparsely populated. For a country that is the second largest in the world, it only has a population of over 35 million.

From the year 2019, the government will be investing $1 billion to increase income levels and benefits. Those who are earning less than $15,000 will receive $500 through the Canada Workers Benefit. They don’t need to claim it and will be given to them automatically after filing tax. Gender equality is the heart of Budget 2018. And that is why; the Budget 2018 is aimed at reducing gender wage gap, supporting women and girls at the workplace, and increasing participation of women at work.

Economic growth

Canada believes that working women will fuel the country’s economic growth. The government will also be making sure that women have equal access to government funds. Also, they want to put the women in leadership positions, which will not only increase job opportunities but also result in a strong community.

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