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Canada Increases Dependent Children Age to 22

Dependent Children

Canada has made some progress about increasing the dependent children age from 19 years to 22 years. So if you are seeking permanent residency in Canada, your children up to 22 years of age will automatically become permanent residents as well. Canadian programs that include this law are business immigration, Express Entry, caregiver or refugee applicants, and family sponsorship. The new law has made way for more experienced skilled workers to come work in the country.

It was one of the promises the Liberal government made during the 2015 elections. And after two years on October 11, 2017, the law was brought into reality. The age of dependency was up to 22 years until August 1, 2014, but the Conservative government reduces the age limit to 19 years. This caused a lot of inconvenience as children older than 19 years of age had to apply for their own permanent residency card. Since most of them weren’t work by that time, it becomes very difficult and made many families leave Canada or not to go there in the first place.

This law shows that the Liberal government is committed to reuniting families. It also results in social and economic enhancement across Canadian communities. According to the 2011 Census conducted by the RIA reported that more than 50 percent young adults between the age of 20 to 24 years living with their parents. They didn’t consider the fact that they were studying or not. Living with your parents is very common in South and South East Asian countries.

Good news for prospective immigrants

Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration Minister, said that raising the age limit will bring more families together. It also has a positive impact on Canada’s social and economic status. It also attracts skilled workers and refugees from around the world to come and settle in the North American country.

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