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Canada Grants PR to 66-year Old Man on Humanitarian Grounds


Immigration officials didn’t give a 66-year old stateless man permanent residency. The federal court criticized the officials for their decision and granted the man a second chance to in Canada as a permanent resident. Since he is stateless, he has no place to go to and therefore was awarded permanent residency on humanitarian grounds.

Justice E Susan Elliott from the federal court said that the man, Francisco Suarez Abeleira, can live in limbo in Canada and deserves a new shot at life. Abeleira is Spanish in origin, but his parents fled from Vigo, Spain during the 1950s to get away from the Franco dictatorship. They reached Mexico and stayed there for a while. However, Spain doesn’t have a record of his birth, making him stateless. Abeleira spent early years of his life in Mexico, then moved to the US, until US border officers caught him in 2009. After sending time in immigration detention, he was released. He fled to Canada and lived in an asylum in Quebec and Vermont.

The judge said that the US left him because they found him harmless. Out of the four countries, Abeleira knows, no one wants him because he has no proof of identity. Using a fake identity, he got a diploma, and a bachelors and masters degree in education. After that, he worked 20 years with the New York Education board. He got divorced in 2008 after his wife found out about his fake identity. He tried to go back to Spain and teach English and Spanish as a freelancer but caught the John F Kennedy Airport.

No country to go to

The federal judge said that if the state immigration minister finds out which country he should be deported to, the judge will let him go. But if the minister isn’t able to do so, the man has all rights to stay in Canada and live peacefully in the last few years of his life.

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