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British Prime Minister May Drop Student Migrant Cap

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British Prime Minister Theresa May might be forced to drop her decision to include international students in UK’s net inward migration target. This would make it harder than it already is for international students to come to the UK. She first championed the policy when she was Home Secretary and has apparently still not let go of the idea, though it is opposed and has been thought illogical by most. In fact, more than 100 MPs from various parties have written to her regarding this, and further stating that instead of putting a cap on student migrants, policies should be introduced to encourage international students to come to the UK to study.

According to fresh data from the ONS, the actual number of students who overstay their visa is much less than that they originally thought, the number is 4600 rather than the expected 90000 plus students a year. In fact, data shows that most students return home after studying in the UK, making universities in England a major selling point for international migrants. The policy would put UK’s renowned universities and education at tremendous risk. The Oxford Economics data even argues that foreign students generate up to 25 million pounds a year as income for the British economy.

Ministers from opposing parties and May’s own parties alike are lobbying against this policy, and it will likely have to drop. Academia and the country’s business sector alike support the decision of dropping the policy altogether, and it has said that May is the sole benefactor when it comes to this proposal. So international students who dream of studying in world-renowned universities like Oxford in the UK can breathe a sigh of relief, because, most probably immigration problems will not be the reason they don’t get in.

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