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Top 5 Reasons to Study in New…

New Zealand one of top 10 countries for international students to study in and also, it is very beautiful. Not many students prefer going to New Zealand for studies, and that’s mostly because they don’t know much about the country and its education system. If you want to study abroad and are looking for something out of the box, then you’ve come to the right. Here are top five reasons to study in New Zealand: 1.Education system While many developed countries like the United States, Canada, and A...Read More

The Ultimate Studying Abroad Packing List

It is almost time for you to start packing your bag for the September 2018 intake. As time passes, you’ll realize packing bags is more difficult than getting into your dream university. You have to fit your entire life in a tiny bag, so make sure you make a checklist before starting with packing. We’ve created a checklist for you to take off some pressure so that you start with the packing directly: 1. Carry-on bag Things that should be in your carry-on bag are phone and charger, boarding pass, ...Read More

4 Things That Studying Abroad Teaches But…

Studying abroad is so much different than studying at home. Before you know, you are ticking things off your bucket list. It gives you the opportunity to interact with people from all across the globe, which is the most valuable experience of studying abroad. It is much more than just getting international quality, and every person should experience studying in a foreign country at least once in their life. Here are things studying abroad teaches you that home universities don’t: 1. Education ne...Read More

Things to Consider While Comparing Study Abroad…

Choosing the course you want to study in a foreign country is a crucial decision because there’s no way going back. You put in a lot of money and time in it, so make a realistic choice, which not only gives you knowledge but also get a high earning job. Here are four things to consider while comparing study abroad courses: 1. Entry requirements If you don’t have exceptional grades, make a realistic choice while selecting the university. For your best chance, shortlist five universities with cour...Read More

5 Universities with Top Ranked Programs

Research is important for a university’s international standards. The world is constantly evolving, and you need to supply it with new and engaging research and development. That is why it becomes essential to study at a university with a well-equipped research department. Here are top five universities in the world with highly ranked programs: 1. University of Cambridge The United Kingdom government has since the beginning given research and development the highest importance, so it goes withou...Read More

5 Things Parents of International Students Need…

With more and more students wanting to study abroad, it is time parents look into the matter. Studying in a foreign institute is no more a rare phenomenon and parents need to be aware of everything that goes which includes university standing, financial expenses and aids, and student life. Here are five things parents of international students need to know about: 1. Financial aids While your child looks into the academic aspect of studying abroad, make sure you have a complete idea of financial ...Read More

Important Tips for Students Intending to Study…

Studying abroad is a significant decision but the best decision of your life. After all, you get to travel to an entirely new country on your own, study at one of best countries in the world, and discover yourself like never before. However, to excel as an international student, you need a lot more than just getting good grades. Here are five financial tips for students planning to study abroad: 1. Save as much money before Go the traditional way and save in advance because the first weekend you...Read More

UK Home office Wrongly Accuses Asian Immigrant

29-years old Zixuan Qu was suddenly woken up from her sleep when a team of six immigration officers visited her home, which she shares with her fiance, at 5.30 am in the morning. The interview went on for half an hour during which the officers told that her application for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom was denied because she was an immigration offender. 30 minutes into the interview, the officers realized they’d come to the wrong location and left, leaving Qu in tears and her ...Read More

Taiwan Eases Visa Regulations for China

Taiwan becomes the latest country to ease visa requirements for Chinese passport holders. China is one of the top visitor sources for Taiwan. However, the country traffic slowed down when governments of both the countries had some arguments. Things got worse during local elections in Taiwan as the Chinese government implemented a strict group travel rule to Taiwan, something similar to the China’s quasi-travel ban for South Korea. However, some Taiwanese travel experts blame the change in visa r...Read More

Saudi Arabia Reduces Visa Costs for Indians

Saudi Arabia government relaxed its visa regulations for Indians and also reduced visa fees but decided to continue to the same regulations and fees for Pakistan. The government brought down the 90-day visit visa fee from 2,000 Riyal to only 305 Riyal, an 84 percent reduction. Visa fees for 180 and 360 days visa have also been reduced. Pakistani passport holders will continue to pay Rs one to four lakh for the tourist visas. Saudi Gazette, the kingdom’s leading English daily newspaper, earlier d...Read More

Spanish Students from SBCC Going to Bolivia…

Spanish major students from Santa Barbara City College will be soon traveling to Cochabamba, Bolivia to study the language. The study abroad program only costs $1,900, without airfare costs, and is deemed as the cheapest exchange program in the whole of United States. Any level of Spanish student is welcome to be a part of the program and learn Spanish in classes that are conducted by native Bolivian speakers. Francisco Rodriguez, the program’s director, is very happy about how the program turne...Read More

New Germany Visa Centre in Qatar

Schengen Europe is one of the most visited places in the world and to make sure that international tourism keeps prospering, Germany recently opened a visa processing center in Doha, Qatar capital. Hans-Udo Muzel, German ambassador to Doha, inaugurated the visa application center on April 16, 2018. This visa center will process visa applications for Qatari citizens and residents visiting Germany along with Austria, Norway, Finland, and Slovenia. This center will be operated by VFS Global, just l...Read More

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