Bermuda International Tourism Did Excellent in 2017

Bermuda Tourism

Bermuda is a beautiful island but gets ignored because of other popular islands like Indonesia. However, the face of international tourism in Bermuda is changing, and more and more tourists are going to unconventional destinations like this one. In 2017, Bermuda welcomed more than 690,000 foreign tourists, a four percent increase from the island country’s last best count of 664,000 in 2007. Bermuda’s economy gained over $431 million from these foreign tourists, a massive 20 percent rise from 2016.

Hotel occupancy increased by 63 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. All hotels in Bermuda are getting renovated including Rosewood’s Tucker’s Point, which went through a $25 million renovation and its name was changed to Rosewood Bermuda. It was closed in January for the upgrades. Also, new food and beverage outlets opened in the hotel’s complex. Willowbank Resort in Somerset was also renewed. The 50-room hotel will open in April 2018 under new management. An enclave on the Hawkins Island also completed, which consists of the Guard House and Main Villa, each of them can accommodate around eight people.

Each villa comes with a private chef and complimentary land and water transportation. Azura Boutique Hotel and Residences, formerly known as Surfside Beach Club is also under renovation currently and will be welcoming guests only in the next year. The first phase of the project includes renovating 46 rooms and suites and the second phase will do the same. Also, Caroline Bay, which is at the western end of Bermuda, is also undergoing renovation, which will result in building the  Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a hotel with 77 rooms, two villas, and 173 residences.

Blue waters and white sand

Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a treasure for sea lovers. Some places you must visit when in Bermuda are Horseshoe Bay, the eighth best beach in the world, Fort St Catherine, Church Bay, Harrington Sound, and National Museum of Bermuda.

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