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Family Sponsorship Program

Immigration, strengthening the better economy of Canada, has always been keen on developing this aspect and with good reasons. However, it is many times observed that aspirants face troubles during their processing of the immigration application. Thus, here is a quick guide to one of the major immigration program of the country giving you insights of the whole process.

The family sponsorship program:

This program encapsulates the proposal of allowing your elected family members the government permission to live, study or work in Canada on the terms if they become permanent Canadian residents. It is the second most used program for fetching permanent residence.

Let’s find out the eligibility criteria to avail this program.

Major eligibility criteria:

Criteria you need to meet:

  •    At least 18 years of age
  •    Permanent or at least Canadian resident
  •    Economically stable enough to support your members in the initial days of their commute

Criteria your spouse needs to meet:

  •    At least 18 years of age
  •    Legally married
  •    Possess marriage certificate
  •    Free of criminal records and critical health issues

Criteria your dependent children:

  •    Less than 22 years of age and unmarried legally.
  •    Engaged in full-time ongoing study process or financially dependent on parents since 22 years of age.

Now let’s see what it takes to complete the whole process.

Fee Structure:

The fee for the grant of residency in Canada is divided into many smaller segments.

  •    The right of permanent residence incurs 490 CAD
  •    Prime applicant incurs 45 CAD
  •    If found less than 22 years and unmarried, incurs a 75 CAD
  •    A family member of the prime applicant with minimum 22 years of age or less than 22 and married legally incur a fee of 550 CAD
  •    A family member of less than 22 years of age and doesn’t have a spouse incurs a 150 CAD

These simple tips can ensure that you get your family with you when you immigrate to Canada!

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