5 Things Parents of International Students Need to Know

5 Things Parents of International Students Need to Know

With more and more students wanting to study abroad, it is time parents look into the matter. Studying in a foreign institute is no more a rare phenomenon and parents need to be aware of everything that goes which includes university standing, financial expenses and aids, and student life.

Here are five things parents of international students need to know about:

1. Financial aids

While your child looks into the academic aspect of studying abroad, make sure you have a complete idea of financial aids. Studying abroad is an expensive affair, and even if you can afford, it is always good to look at financial aids including student loans, scholarships, and bursaries.

2. Choosing study destination

Each country has a set of professional requirements, so make sure your child chooses wisely. For instance, engineers are needed the most in the United States, Canada is in need of healthcare professionals and engineers, Australia needs business graduates, and the United Kingdom is looking for doctors, nurses, and engineers.

3. Eating habits

This is something you can’t control, so it’s better you don’t go into advising your children about their eating habits. They might not have the time to acquire enough resources to cook food and will have to eat greasy pizzas and burgers, which is a part of the experience.

4. Running out of money

You’d definitely not want your child to run out of money in a foreign country. So before they leave for further studies, you can sit with them and develop a monthly financial plan, so that you are not worrying about them all the time.

5. Exam stress

Be your child’s friend and guide them through the exam stress and that includes not giving tips but distracting them from the stress with stories from back home. They are surrounded by students all the time, and all they want is a break in the routine.

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